We want you to know, we take your privacy very seriously. We love the internet and how it allows us to connect with people across the world, and we encourage participation on our blog. However, it's your responsibility to be safe in the sharing of any personal information.

Some great information pertaining to children's online protection:

Information Collected at The Contemps and Use:

The Contemps will not usually collect personal information, but we cannot guard against others taking email or other information from the comments section of the blog. We recommend using a Blogger or Google ID to create an online “persona” as that is the best way to keep your identity safe on-line.

The Contemps blog is not directed to children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from anyone under 13.

Note to Parents: if you have any concerns about The Contemps or your child has provided us with personally identifiable information, please contact us at thecontemps(at)gmail(dot)com. We also urge parents to instruct their children never to give out their real names, addresses or phone numbers without parental permission when using the Internet.

If you win a contest on the site, we will request a physical address to which we send the prize. If a contest asks you to be over 13 to enter, we appreciate you respecting the rule. If a contest is open to anyone, when the winner is under 13, a parent will have to provide the address. Your honesty is appreciated in this matter. No one's address will be shared, distributed, or sold, and we will not keep them on file.

All contests winners are announced on the blog. None of your personal information will be posted in the contest announcement. We will only include your name or user name if you have specified that in the contest entry from.