Teen Thursday: Unexpected Friends

I think we all have at least one friend in high school that we are sure will be our best friend for the rest of our life - no matter what. The end. Curtains closed. Period.

Sometimes we stay friends with them, and sometimes we don't. In my case, the girl I was best friends with all through middle and high school ended up not being such a good friend in the ned. So when our friendship fell apart my senior year, i was crushed and convinced I was utterly alone.

I wasn't.

If there's one thing I learned from high school (besides how to do Geometry proofs), its that sometimes the best friends are the ones that we never see coming.

My best friend in the world sat behind me in history class my sophomore year after moving to my hometown from Virginia. She was a year ahead of me, and we had to work on a project together. I thought we'd see each other once in a while after taht. I had no idea she'd end up being like my best-friend soul mate.

The two other people I call my best friends were the last people I expected to be my friends, especially after high school ended. One is the ex-boyfriend of a girl I used to hang out with. When they broke up, I thought I'd never hear from him again. Now, three years later, even from several states away, we talk almost once a week. The other, a girl I've known since second grade, hadn't been my friend since elementary school, but senior year, by some fluke, we reconnected and never lost touch again.

My best friends in the world are not the people I thought I'd be friends with after high school.

In books and movies, I think we see a lot of frenemies - the best friend who is also the worst enemy. I had several of those. But one thing I've never seen represented, and that I think happens a lot, is the unexpected friend. the person you talk to twice in the hallway or who sits behind you in Chemistry and ends up becoming not only a friend, but a person you can rely on and trust more than the friends you've had for years.

Now that I'm in college and still making new friends, I try not to take anyone for granted. Because you never know if that girl who let you borrow the pencil in class or the boy who had one class with you two semesters ago and randomly bumps into you one day may end up being the best friend you never had.

Did you ever have an unexpected friend? Someone you just considered a casual acquaintance proving themselves to be your best friend? A person who you thought didn't care surprise you by showing their concern? Tell us about it in the comments! I'd love to hear your stories.


brave chickens said...

There's a girl who is in a lot of my classes. We said hello to each other now and then. Once I spoke to her through MSN, and the next time I saw her she was super nice. I asked another friend (who's close friends with the other girl) why such a change, and she told me that prior to us having the chat, she thought I wasn't that 'interesting'. But after that, she realised I am worth knowing more.
Although we're not best friends, we have discussed a lot of things that I normally wouldn't with people, maybe not even my best friends.

So, yeah, that's my unexpected friend story :)

Pam Harris said...

Great post! I became really close friends w/ someone my junior year who I always thought was a snot. You know, someone who was really pretty and conceited? Come to find out, she was one of the sweetest people in the school. :)

ali said...

This was a great post. It made me think of Buffy and Willow. I mean, they weren't ever frenemies, but you'd never peg them for being the best of friends, either. But they were. And their differences and (despite everything) similarities really made the relationship shine.

Sarah Laurence said...

Interesting topic! Although I had my share of frenemies in middle school and at summer camps, I’ve been lucky to hold onto 6 close friends from high school. My roommate from college is still one of my best friends.

My unexpected friend started my school in 10th grade and quickly became one of my closest friends. Then she had to move back to Italy before senior year. We’ve stayed loosely in touch since then, and this summer I’m visiting her Italy. We are parents ourselves now.

Adeeva Afsheen said...

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