Spotlight Wednesday - FAMILY by Micol Ostow

If you missed it, I hope you'll check out the description of our latest Contemps release, FAMILY by Micol Ostow, which we posted yesterday on the blog, along with the amazing book trailer.

I read a review of FAMILY by a popular blogger, Sarah at Sarah's Random Musings, and liked it so much, I asked Sarah if I could have permission to repost it here for Spotlight Wednesday. She said yes, so YAY and thank you Sarah!

So here is Sarah's review:

FAMILY is a haunting portrait of what happens in a cult and the darkness that can be in other people's lives. I felt sorry for the people that have been sucked into this type of environment and having to deal with that. I have always been interested in the Manson Family, so I was excited to read this and I could see a lot of it in the story. I felt sorry for Melinda and how she was stuck in such a harmful environment as she tried to find out who she really was. I really liked how Ostow only capitalized words when referring to Henry, which made his power more frightening and understandable. The things that happened were scary and sickening. It moved the plot along and kept me engrossed into every single detail. I found this story really original and engaging. Ostow's writing was wonderful and left me wanting more. Her verse writing was like poetry and made me treasure every moment. I adored this book and would recommend this to someone looking for an original and capturing book.

"Original and engaging" - we like the sound of that!!

We hope you'll check it out and if you do a review, like Sarah did, whether on your blog or Amazon or goodreads, make sure you link it up over at the Contemps Challenge Part 2 for the chance to win a prize pack of three books every month!


Melissa Walker said...

Great review, Sarah! I really can't wait to get to this one this weekend.

Micol Ostow said...

Thanks so much for the review, Sarah! SO glad you liked the book!

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