Teen Thursday: Shopping for Prom

Sunday afternoon I was doing some shopping for a an event I have coming up in a couple of months, and while in the dressing room, I heard a few different mother/daughter conversations. From the conversations, I could tell they were dress shopping for prom.

And none of them seemed to be happy conversations.

They disagreed about what looked good.

They disagreed about what looked bad.

They disagreed on pretty much everything, I think.

Why is shopping for prom filled with so much angst, especially when a mother is involved? Is it that tastes differ so differently between generations? Is it the daughter wanting to have control and the mother not wanting to give it to her? I remember getting in dressing room arguments with my mom, but I don't really remember why. It almost seemed like if she liked something, I was intent on not liking it. Based on principle alone, maybe?

Did you or do you shop well with your mom? Have any prom dress shopping horror stories to share? I can't even remember shopping for my dress. Perhaps it was such a bad experience I blocked it out?


Bri said...
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Bri said...

My mom passed away when I was a kid, and I really missed her during all the prom preparations. Though of course I still missed her, dress shopping was actually a really nice - though stressful - experience for me. My friend took me out with her and her mom, and because I'm incredibly short from the waist up, all of the dresses sat way too heigh on me. My friend took awhile to find a dress as well, but she found one well before I did. Since I was shopping with her family, I thought that even if my friend stayed with me her mom would go home, but her mom stayed with me hours longer than she needed to. She wasn't going to leave until we found a dress for me, and she ended up forcing me to try on a dress that was nothing special on the hanger, but my perfect prom dress.

She also did my make-up on prom night, and it was just so nice to have someone act as a mom for me when I was missing mine the most.

Jessica Secret said...

My mom and I get along freakishly well, so it's not much of a big deal. Usually we agree on what looks good, and she respects my sense of style. I'm sure she bites her tongue when I don't do my hair up, but we don't argue about it. :)

Lisa Schroeder said...

Oh Bri... what a wonderful story. I love that she helped you with your make-up on prom night. I wish more teens could hear your story - they might be a little less critical of having their moms in the dressing room with them.

Jessica, give your mom a big kiss. She's a keeper!!

Miranda said...

During the prom process I disagreed with my mom on one dress. But, we didn't fight about it. She is my favorite person to shop with. I trust her opinion most with my clothes and most other things as well. While she may like things that I don't, she doesn't force them on me. I'm extremely lucky and I wouldn't give up shopping with my mom, no matter how old I am. I love it. I can't wait to shop for my wedding dress with her. :)

Sarah Ockler said...

I didn't go to prom but I remember many dressing room showdowns with Mom. Usually it would start with something like her shouting across the whole store, "Did you need me to get you a bigger size? Is that one too tight across the butt?" But I have to say she was pretty good about letting me pick stuff I liked.

Now, I love eavesdropping on moms and daughters in dressing rooms. It's like, oh, memories! :-)

Melissa Walker said...

I shopped with my friends, found a dress that I LOVED but couldn't possibly afford, and then they went behind my back and told my mom about it. She bought it for me as a surprise. BEST PRESENT EVER. And a very cool mom AND friend moment for me.

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