Teen Thursday - Siblings

My latest novel, Between Here and Forever, is largely about siblings, as the main character, Abby, wrestles with her *very* complex relationship with her sister, Tess.

Have you ever felt like you have to live up to one (or more) of your siblings? How did you cope with it? What do you wish you could change about your relationship with your sibling(s)?

Also, what is it that makes having siblings so great and (sometimes) so awful? I still haven't figured that one out! Maybe I should ask my brother :-)

Finally, what do you think are some shout-out worthy sibling relationships in contemporary YA?


We Heart YA said...

We just finished reading PERFECT CHEMISTRY by Simone Elkeles, and we thought the relationships between the 2 main characters and their respective siblings was a very rich layer in the book.

Also, we loved the brother in THE SECRET YEAR. And the entire cast of sisters in ENTWINED. :)

In none of these books is the relationship between siblings the focal point, but they add an important depth.

Out of the 4 of us here at WHYA, 2 are writing books that definitely center around sibling relationships. One is about living up to the perfect standards set by a sibling (a younger one, actually!) and the other is about a girl with three brothers who simultaneously love her and drive her crazy.

Kristine Asselin said...

Siblings, interesting. Seems like a lot of things I've ready lately don't touch siblings--either the MC is an only child, or has a much younger sibling that doesn't really play much into the story. Is it cheating to say the Weasley's are my all time favorite literary siblings? I mean there are so many of them--and they're all different--and they interact so much like real siblings. <3

Nina B. said...

I have a younger brother and I know that most of the time, his preferences and habits stemmed from mine from following me around when we were younger. I try not to be the annoying older sister and I never get nosy with his private stuff. I just let him be and I always keep the communication lines open. And I think he knows that and that's why he trusts me with his secrets and other stuff and treats me not just as an older sister but also as his friend.

brave chickens said...

I agree, the Weaselys are the best literary siblings ever!

One of the best YA books I've read based on siblings is Saving Zoe by Alyson Noel. I'm not that emotional with books, but reading about a younger sister who begins reading her dead older sister's diary and discovers what happened to her was very sad for me.

With my own sister, I find it frustrating that I have to mother her. I really don't want to, because I want us to have a close sisterly relationship with each other, rather than me bossing her around. There's only a four year age gap between us, but for some reason the responsibility falls on me to care for her again and again. My parents... they just go along with it because they're too busy. And if I don't look out for my sister then nobody else will.

Claire Dawn said...

My brother and I are polar opposites. We hardly talk. We're not enemies, we just have nothing to say.

He's the good kid. An engineer at a major company in the computer world. Meanwhile his big sister faffs around workin for a couple years apiece in the military, as a submarine co-pilot, teaching English in Japan...

I used to feel bad about it but now I'm meh.

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