Just Contemporary Month

A couple of awesome bloggers, Ashley and Shanyn, who love contemporary YA fiction, have declared November "Just Contemporary" month.

All month long, they are encouraging bloggers and readers to celebrate contemporary books and authors. Isn't that awesome?

Here's the introductory post Ashley wrote back in the summer to introduce the event. You'll want to read their blogs all month long:

Shanyn's blog: http://chickloveslit.com/ 

Ashley's blog: http://basicallyamazing.blogspot.com/

You'll find interviews, book reviews, and giveaways throughout the month of November. So check it out. And of course, read some contemporary novels this month!


Ashley said...

Awesome! :D Thanks for spotlighting out event!!

I love this blog! You guys are awesome!! So, keep being awesome and writing great books!!

jenniferpickrell said...

Thanks for posting about this, I'll definitely check out these blogs. Go YA Contemp!!

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