Spotlight Wednesday: The Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin

When Kirkus calls something "a stellar debut," we all stop and listen, right? And then, they go on to say, "The Girls of No Return is absolutely, completely gripping—once I’d started reading, I didn’t put it down, not even while I was giving blood—and despite its subject matter, it’s never exploitative. It never compromises its emotional core, and never feels like anything but The Truth. It left me feeling wrought-out and wrecked, but in a good, subtly supercathartic way."


Readergirlz Co-Founder Lorie Ann Grover says, "I was intrigued and held in wonder and suspense from the first page. Be prepared for a journey into the wilderness and into self."

Can I get a whatnow? And then a copy of this book, stat. Oh wait, I have one. It's next in my pile! And I'm excited.

How about you?