Good bye, thank you, and keep reading!

I started this blog two years ago because I love contemporary YA fiction and I was a little worried that it was going to fade off into the sunset, except for a few authors who  had already made names for themselves. Instead, I'm happy to report, it's going strong. Every month for the past year, the monthly release calendar I put together for this blog had anywhere from 15 to 30 new releases, and many of those were by debut authors. In addition, this past year, we've seen many contemporary titles selling extremely well. This makes my contemporary-loving heart SO happy!!

And so, because time is precious and authors are busy, busy people, it's this blog that is now going to fade off into the sunset.

Photo Credit: Lisa Schroeder
We'll keep the site up for the next year, in case people want to search the archives. And we'll still tweet from time to time, so if you're on twitter, do follow us: 

Thank you to those of you who have followed along and thank you to those who have bought books and supported contemporary YA. The best thing we can do to keep contemporary YA going strong is to vote with our dollars. When editors see that YA contemporary novels are selling, they buy more!

I can't wait to see what the next year brings. In case you can't either, here's a sneak peek...

Happy reading!!

coming January 2013 from Simon Pulse

coming March 2013 from Bloomsbury


Sarah said...


I have so enjoyed reading The Contemps over the last couple years. Thank you for all the work spotlighting some authors that have become favorites of mine!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to lose you, Contemps blog. Thanks for holding down the contemporary realism fort!

Jennifer Pickrell said...

Thanks for all your suggestions over the past few years - I'll miss the spotlights!

Sarah Laurence said...

Sorry that this is the end, but thanks for all the interesting posts! I'm relieved to hear that contemporary YA is doing so well.

Coleen Patrick said...

Sorry to see you go--I will miss your spotlights! Thanks for all the great recommendations :)

Maria said...

Thank you! Contemporary rules! :D

The magic of the real world will never die.

June G said... sorry to see you go, but super happy to see contemporary YA get the love it deserves--for a while, all the attention that supernatural/paranormal stories were receiving was getting a little scary. We do live in the real world--whether we like it or not and real can be just as good--or better! See you on Twitter :-)

Lindsey Leavitt said...

Thanks for all you've done over the past two years, Lees. Great brainchild, and your tireless efforts are hugely appreciated. You make my contemporary heart happy all the time!

Adrianne Russell said...

Thank you so much. This blog has been great inspiration!

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Sarah P. said...

Aww man, I just found this blog today, just in time for your resignation notice.
I'll have fun browsing what's already here. Great idea and great books!

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