TOO REAL THURSDAY: It's hubby's fault!

Time for another edition of Too Real Thursday, when authors share a moment in their lives that got a little too real for comfort.

 Today we welcome Janette Rallison, author of such popular YA novels IT'S A MALL WORLD AFTER ALL, HOW TO TAKE THE EX OUT OF EX-BOYFRIEND, MY FAIR GODMOTHER and JUST ONE WISH. WARNING: If you haven't yet experienced the pain miracle of childbirth, please, don't be put off for life by this!

"I don't know nuthin' bout birthin' babies!"

Over to Janette: When I think about it, pretty much my entire teenage life consisted of a string of embarrassing moments. I can’t blame fate for all of my humiliation though. A lot of it was due to the clueless way I blundered through life. In the long run, these events actually proved useful since they provide me plenty of fodder for my teen novels.

 But my most embarrassing moment didn’t happen in my teen years and wasn’t even my fault. It was my husband’s. I had just given birth to our son, and like any proud father he was snapping pictures of our newborn baby nestled in my arms. I hate to be graphic here since many of the blog readers haven’t given birth yet and don’t know all of the charming intricacies of the event. So I’ll just say the doctor was still sewing up a part of my body that any normal woman wouldn’t want photographed.

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But my husband inadvertently did photograph it. And he got the pictures developed without ever realizing how much one of those photos revealed.

Then he took the photos to work to show all of his colleagues. I didn’t see the photos until the next day and I was horrified that he had a picture where I flashed the camera instead of the other way around. “How could you take a picture of me like this?” I demanded.

 He looked at the photo, seeing all of it for the first time. “Oh. Sorry.” 

“You showed this to your co-workers?” I asked, hyperventilating.

 “Don’t worry,” he said. “They’re all engineers. They probably didn’t notice.”

I hope he’s right about that. Still, every time I go to one of his office functions, I wonder.

Sarah here: My favorite part of this story? Hubby's response - "They're all engineers. They probably didn't notice." My ex-hubby trained as an engineer. I was ROTFLMAO! Anyway, y'all will be happy to hear that Janette forgave her hubby for his inadvertent attempt at making her the office porn queen. As she says: "Janette did not kill her husband and in fact subsequently had three more children. Her husband was considerably more cautious with his photographs."

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Janette's latest book is MY DOUBLE LIFE.

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Check out the trailer!


Rachel said...

HA!!! Wow. I have had two of my own and with an auditor for a husband, I could see this happening. Too funny, thanks for sharing!

Micol Ostow said...

Oh, man. My hubs is a film guy, too, and now you've made me nervous.

Sarah Darer Littman said...

Micol - when the time comes, I advise you to TAKE THE BATTERIES OUT OF ALL YOUR CAMERAS AND HIDE THEM!!

Melissa Walker said...

Yee-ikes! Hilarious.

Adeeva Afsheen said...

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