Contest Winner and Contemps Challenge Reminder!

Thanks to those who participated in our Halloween giveaway! Looks like it was trickier than I thought, because not one person matched up all the authors to the costumes. So I randomly selected a winner and...

L.J. Boldyrev

congrats! Please email your book choice and we'll get those in the mail to you (and thanks for thinking I was Kirsten Hubbard, who is about the size of my pinky).
And in case you're curious...

Batgirl- Sarah Ockler

Cleopatra-Denise Jaden

Pumpkin-Micol Ostow

Zombie Barbie-Mindi Scott

Cowgirl-Lindsey Leavitt

Sensible Ballerina-April Henry

Scarlett-Kody Keplinger

Super It-Michael Northrop

Sassy Waitress-Melissa Walker

Robin-Sarah Littman

Katniss-Lisa Schroeder

Ninja Turtle--Hannah Harrington

Princess- Emily Wing Smith

Chiquita Banana--Kirsten Hubbard

And next Friday, we'll announce the winner of The Contemps Challenge. One lucky reader will be 21 books richer very soon. For more details, click here. There is still time to enter-- deadline is November 15 (Monday). We'll cut it off that night, so tell your friends. And your boss. And your school librarian. And that boy in art class. And your mom. And your film-producer uncle.

Get real. Get reading. Go!


Edna said...


I had the toughest time matching the authors with the pumpkin, ballerina, and Robin. I had a gut feeling that April was the ballerina but I changed it last minute. It's too bad no one got all the answers but hey it was a fun contest!

Bee said...

I knew you were the smexy cowgirl! :D

I had a fun time guessing, though I couldn't participate since it wasn't international.

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Haha! Thanks, guys! It was fun trying to guess! Some of you need more pictures floating around on the internet!

Lydia Sharp said...


And OMG I thought I'd emailed you guys already about the challenge and I didn't! Thanks for the reminder.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

My fingers and toes and arms and legs are crossed in hopes of winning all of those books! I love the ones I've read so far (especially The DUFF) and my students have enjoyed that I'm passing the books on to them. It's a win-win!

Claire Dawn said...

I didn't even try. If I'd known everybody else would fail I might have. lol.

Life lesson, anyone?

rabbithigh said...

wow, congrats!

can't believe I missed out on the contest *doom*

Michael Northrop said...

I am not an "It"! (Please note: I am not objecting the the "Super" part.) OK, I crashed at a roller-rink(!) once when I was like 11 and someone asked "Is she OK?" but that was an isolated incident. Everything is confusing under strobe-lights!

Lindsey Leavitt said...

SORRY. You are all man. Or as man as you want to be. Just didn't want you to defined by your gender.
And aren't we all, at the heart of it, really its?

Michael Northrop said...

Haha! That is totally going on my next book!

Michael Northrop: "As man as he wants to be."—Lindsey Leavitt, author of Sean Griswold's Head

Adeeva Afsheen said...

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