TEEN THURSDAY: Wendy Toliver's Worst First Dates Ever!

Wendy Toliver, author of Lifted, is here to lay her love life bare. She shares three first date stories, and we get to guess which one was a one-date wonder, which one became a boyfriend and which one is her husband now! Fun!

That's Wendy on the left. Isn't she cute? She also once told me a story about a guy saying to her "You're pretty... in the dark." That one still makes me laugh. Here's her guest blog:

When I was a teen, I had a lot of terrible dates, but these three top my list:

1. Guy: Good looking, a year older, went to a different high school.
How introduced: Through a basketball teammate of mine who dated his friend.
How the date goes: He picks me up in his car. I’m nervous but he’s sooo cute. Winter storm blows in as we’re driving to movie theater. We end up having to park in the field behind it. He suggests taking a short cut, which entails climbing a fence. (He probably offered to drop me off but I’m too stubborn to accept.) I believe that climbing a fence will be no problem for someo
ne as athletic as me. Wrong. The fence is slicked with snow and there’s barbed wire on the top.
I snag the seat of the designer jeans I borrowed from my friend’s little sister. My buttock and thigh are exposed and bleeding. I’m completely mortified that I have to ride to his house, bleeding all over his car seat, and meet his parents in this state. He gets me something to wear and I clean off the blood in his bathroom.
How the date ends: Too embarrassed to even look at him let alone want to kiss him.

2. Guy: Decent looking, same age, goes to different school.
How introduced: Danced together at club the weekend before and I gave him my number. (He’s a great dancer!)
How the date goes: He picks me up in his BMW. I’m not really nervous. He mentions being a little low on cash, do I mind going Dutch? We go to McDonald’s. I hate McDonald’s. He orders an entire tray full of burgers and fries. I order a drink. He talks about himself. Then we go to a movie. I buy my ticket and then he buys his. While I’m in the bathroom wishing I could figure out a way to get out of the date, he hits the concessions and buys a large soda, a box of popcorn, and a box of Sour Patch Kids for himself. We see the worst movie, Graveyard Shift, adapted from Stephen King’s novel. Seriously bad. He offers me a few Sour Patch Kids.
How the date ends: He drops me off. He asks if I want him to call me again sometime.

3. Guy: Good looking, same age, both freshmen at Colorado State University.
How introduced: Met at a tennis party (he plays tennis and I was there with a friend from my dorm).
How the date goes: After spending a long time going to my friends’ rooms and borrowing items to make a cute outfit, he shows up at my door an hour late in his tennis clothes, still sweaty from the nightly practice. I slam the door and throw on some jeans, pretending like I’d meant to wear something more casual all along. He has no plan what to do. We decide to go to a movie but it’s so late there’s only one playing, Basic Instinct. Practically X-rated for back then. We lean apart from each other, totally embarrassed. Hit Taco Bell afterward, again due to the late hour.
How the date ends: We laugh about the movie. He drops me off at my dorm. I can’t remember if we kissed.

So! One of these guys was a one date wonder, one became a boyfriend, and one (gasp!) became Wendy's husband. Can you guess which is which?

PS-Wendy's latest novel, Lifted, (right) has an awesome trailer. If you need another reason to become a fan (aside from this open and funny blog post), check it out:


Ricki Schultz said...

Ooh -- I'll try!

First, thanks for sharing, Wendy! And poor you! :)

I think the Sour Patch Kidd (hee) was the one-date wonder.

And that the tennis dude was the one who became her hubs.

And the bloody butt guy became a boyfriend.

Here's hoping!

Melissa Walker said...

This is what I would guess too, Ricki! Love these stories.

Becca C. said...

I'm going to guess that number #1 is the husband, #2 is the one-date wonder, and #3 became a boyfriend. Just to switch it up a little.

TinaFerraro said...

Great fun, and I'm guessing the tennis player is your husband!

Rachel said...

Hmm. It would seem obvious that the tennis player is the husband because he came last in her life, but maybe she told us all that to confuse us lol. So I will go with guy number 1 being husband, guy number 3 being boyfriend and guy number 2 being a one date wonder.

This was fun!

It reminds me of my very first date story--I literally got sick, in a very public way. LOL. If anyone wants to read my horror they can check out my blog where I posted on it last year. I totally need to work it into a book one day :-) http://theendingunplanned.blogspot.com/2010/09/ttty-my-first-date.html

Anna R said...

2 cute:
Date 1- BF material.
Date 2- NFW
Date 3- M a keeper

Julia :) said...

Ohhh gosh most all of those are TERRIBLE! Haha. Especially the first and the middle one. I think that the first one became a boyfriend, the second one was the one date wonder, and the third one became her husband. :)

Liz said...

Great stories! #1 is the boyfriend, #2 is the one date wonder and #3 is the husband. I hope we're right!

Wendy Toliver said...

Thanks for playing, everyone! And Melissa, thanks so much for the fun interview.
Okay, so here are the answers.
1. Boyfriend
2. One Date Wonder (and he was lucky to get one date, haha!)
3. 3 1/2 years later he bacame my husband!

pixiepuff2006 said...

#1 is the husband
#2 is the one date wonder
#3 is the boyfriend

Bee said...

#1 is the boyfriend
#2 one-date wonder
#3 husband!

Loved reading this :)

Loved reading LIFTED, too.

Micol Ostow said...

Great stories! My first dates are mainly uneventful. What does that say about me?

I definitely thought my husband hated me the night we first met. Turns out, not so much.

Wendy Toliver said...

You got it, Bee! (and so glad you enjoyed Lifted!)

Micol, any guy'd be lucky to score a date with you. :)

Thanks again for all the great guesses and comments, everybody!

The Contemps rocks!

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