Hot Topic Tuesday - Cell Phones

Tomorrow we're going to be spotlighting Micol Ostow's latest release, WHAT WOULD MY CELL PHONE DO (SPEAK, June 9, 2011). YAY! In this book, the main character, Aggie, has recently moved to Alaska, and then she loses her cell phone. She feels like she's lost her lifeline to civilization.

Lately there's been a lot of talk in the news about this article - they're saying cell phone usage could increase your chances for brain cancer.

Cell phones are now a huge part of many people's lives. Fifteen years ago, this wasn't the case. The long-term affects can't really be measured, because they haven't been around long enough. Doctors say youth are most at risk, because their brains are still developing, their skulls are thinner, and their lifetime exposure will be much greater than the exposure of current adults.

Does the possibility of cancer change how you feel about your phone? Do you see yourself using it less? Apparently they aren't concerned about texting or using hand-free devices. It's the talking they are concerned about (and I think it's probably a lot of talking on a daily basis).

I'm curious, too, if suddenly, the medical community said, it's in our best interest to get rid of cell phones, how would you react? Could you do it? Could you live without your cell phone?


We Heart YA said...

We already don't use our cell phones for all that much... At least not in a daily talking sort of way. So we hope we're not at too much risk, but if someone said we were, we could probably live without it. We would just use email even more. :P

We wonder if wireless networks cause issues too -- THAT would be bad!!

Julia :) said...

I've known about cell phones possibly causing cancer for ages now. I remember talking about it back in 7th grade and everyone looked at me like I was some sort of mutant freak. That being said I don't have my own personal cell phone so I'm not too worried. :)

Micol Ostow said...

I actually avoid the phone at all costs - not because of cancer, but because I'm an introvert at heart. The funny thing is that my husband develops apps for a living, so as you can imagine, there's a technological divide in the family. He is addicted to his phone, where I am very happy to let the wireless go by the wayside. I'm a big believer in single-tasking and concentrating on ONE thing at a time. Multi-media freaks me out!

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