Spotlight Wednesday: WHAT WOULD MY CELL PHONE DO by Micol Ostow

The summary:

When Aggie Eckhart's family moves from Miami, Florida, to Denville, Alaska, because of her father's job, Aggie feels like a fish out of water. Not only is frozen Denville a far cry from sunny Miami, but she's got no friends, her mother is driving her crazy, and she loses her cell phone within the first month - cutting off her lifeline to civilization. But when an online search for her phone (using the schmancy built-in GPS tracker) reveals that the cell is enjoying life up north much more than Aggie is, she adopts a whole new outlook. No more woe-is-me, now it's all WWMCPD (What Would My Cell Phone Do)? And before Aggie knows it, things are looking a whole lot brighter in this charming, fun, and lighthearted YA romance.

Okay, who doesn't need a "charming, fun and lighthearted YA romance" about now? It's summer time - I know I do!

And that cover just cracks me up! Look at that dog! What is he wearing? And why? Do we find out in the book, Micol? I hope so!

Publisher's Weekly says, "Aggie's openness gives just enough heft to this otherwise light coming-of-age tale."

Congratulations, Micol, on another book baby!! You are amazing!


Claire Dawn said...

I'm not a visual person, and I LOVE that cover!

Micol Ostow said...

Thanks, Claire! I love that cover, too. But then again, I'm a sucker for a funny picture of a dog...

Melissa Walker said...

The cover totally promises hilarity, which I have no doubt the book delivers on! Congrats, Micol!

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